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Testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Mycoplasma.
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All-inclusive, for a fixed price! No surprises.

Testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Mycoplasma. All-inclusive, for a fixed price! No surprises.

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Chlamydia + Gonorrhea

  • Reliable at home testing
  • Analysis in lab, results within 72 hours
  • Free shipping. Also to our lab

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  • Reliable at home testing
  • Analysis in lab, results within 72 hours
  • Free shipping. Also to our lab


Or use our test guide

STD Test Mycoplasma

Simply order an STD test online

Simply order an STD test online

More than 100,000 others preceded you. Testing is easy and you can do it yourself. No hassle or annoying questions, just test where and when you want. This is how we fight STDs together.

What’s an STD test?

An STD test is a diagnostic test in which bodily fluids are examined in a laboratory. By bodily fluids we mean urine, blood or a swab. It tests for bacteria, viruses or, for example, antibodies. For example, when testing for Chlamydia, we check whether your urine or swab contains Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria.

If these bacteria are found, your test will come out positive. If no bacteria are found, your test will come out negative. If your test is negative, that’s good news. If you test positive, you will need medical treatment. The results are authorised by a medical microbiologist. Because of this, we can guarantee correct results.

An STD test is necessary because STDs often don’t cause any problems or symptoms. Testing is therefore the only way to be sure you don’t have an STD. An STD test is painless and can be done completely anonymous.

Testing for STD’s from home

You no longer have to go to the GP or Public Health Service for an STD test. No more hassle, and you don’t have to feel ashamed anymore. You can test for STDs yourself, wherever and whenever you want, and it’s 100% anonymous. You can order your Home STD test online and test yourself tomorrow. Your test will be analyzed in an accredited laboratory in The Netherlands. The results are authorised by a medical microbiologist. Reliable STD tests, from home.

When you purchase an STD test kit from, you can expect accurate results. Simply collect body material (urine or a swab) and send it to our laboratory in Eindhoven using the provided return box. That’s where the examination takes place. A microbiologist approves the test results at this GP lab, which is ISO 15189-accredited. Our STD home tests are approved by Soa Aids Nederland and thus meet stringent quality standards. Thuiswinkel Organisatie is also affiliated with us (Dutch Homeshopping Association).

When to test for STDs?

When purchasing an STD test kit, always consider the incubation period, which is the time between infection and the appearance of the first symptoms. You can’t test until the incubation period has ended! Prior testing is pointless, as the STD will not be detected.

The incubation period of Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea is 14 days, that of Mycoplasma Genitalium 28 days. You can, of course, purchase the STD test earlier, but you must wait until the incubation period has passed before testing.

When buying an STD test, you can choose from an STD test with laboratory analysis or a rapid test where you can read the result almost immediately. Always opt for an STD self-test with lab analysis, as these are many times more reliable! All our tests are analysed in an accredited laboratory.

Why test from home?

Purchasing an STD home test has numerous advantages. Our STD self-tests can be ordered from the comfort of your home and if you order any of our STD tests before 5 p.m., it will be sent to you the same day. Say farewell to long waiting times and doctor’s appointments!

Embarrassing situations at the Public Health Service or GP are a thing of the past thanks to our STD home tests. Just have your STD test kit delivered to your home or choose a collection point when ordering. All orders are shipped discreetly. From the outside of the box you can’t tell it is an STD test. On the account statements, we do not say ‘,’ but ‘Openlab B.V.’

Testing through is completely anonymous. We do not build a medical record of you, and your order information is automatically deleted from our system after 14 days. Only you can request the results of your STD test. To see the results, use your personal code on the code card. The results are available 72 hours after the test is received at our lab. This is also much faster than going to the doctor, where you frequently have to wait at least a week for the results.

Which STDs to test for?

A variety of STDs can be tested, and these STDs can be found in many different locations in the body. Did you know that you can also get an STD like Chlamydia through oral contact? And that Gonorrhoea is also often found in your rectum as well? It is therefore important that you choose the right test, and that depends on the risk you took. Answer a few questions and our testing guide will tell you which STD test(s) you need.

When can you expect the results?

Wondering how long you have to wait for the results of your STD test? This depends on where you got tested. You can be tested at the municipal health service or by your GP. You can also use a home test with lab analysis or use a home test without lab analysis.

STD test at the municipal health service

First contact the municipal health service in your region or check their website to see if you meet the requirements. If you qualify to be tested there, you can make an appointment. They’ll collect the necessary fluids (blood, urine or a swab) on site and the municipal health service sends everything to the lab for you. After 1 to 2 weeks, the results will be sent to you by text message or e-mail. If you tested positive, the municipal health service can also prescribe the medication. The municipal health service uses laboratories to analyse body material. They therefore don’t carry out the analysis themselves, which means it takes longer before you receive the results.

STD test at your GP

You can get tested by your GP. As with the municipal health service, your GP will ask you several questions about your sex life and your sexual partners. Having a urine sample or swab taken is part of the process. Your GP or nurse will send the sample to a laboratory. You’ll receive the results after about a week. If you test positive, your GP will prescribe a prescription to treat the STD. Similar to municipal health services, GPs do not analyze urine or swabs themselves, but send them to the appropriate laboratory. Your GP will then receive the results from this laboratory.

STD home test with Lab analysis

When you order the STD home test online, you’ll often receive it the very next day. To test you’ll have to take a urine sample if you’re a man or take a swab from your vagina if you’re a woman. Both males and females will have to take a swab from their anus. After taking the samples, you can post them to be sent to the laboratory. Here at, we expect a result within 48 hours (on week days).

Fastest result

The home test without a lab analysis will give the fastest result. Unfortunately, this test is not particularly reliable. You’ll receive the results of a home test with lab analysis within only a few days. This result is reliable, and just as reliable as when your GP or the municipal health service would do it for you. If you test at your GP or the municipal health service, it might take up 1 or 2 weeks before they notify you with the results.

At the municipal health service or your GP, you’ll also have to answer some questions about your sex life. You won’t have to do that when you do the test at home. The advantage of the municipal health service or GP is that a professional is present in case you have any questions. So which test should you opt for?

Take the STD test you feel most comfortable with. Remember that the analysis needs to be done in a lab. After all, the test result must be reliable!

Symptons of STDs?

Many STDs don’t cause any symptoms! For example, most people don’t feel anything when they have Chlamydia. You can have this STD without knowing and it may lead to problems like infertility if it is not treated. When dealing with STDs, never rely solely on the symptoms. You may be completely symptom free, but if you do have issues, they’re often very generic. These symptoms can be:

  • Itching
  • Pain when urinating
  • Secretion

These symptoms can also indicate other diseases. For example, the symptoms of Chlamydia and bladder infection are very similar. In the event of a suspected STD, only testing provides certainty. So have yourself tested, regardless of any symptoms.

What part of your body?

Did you know that you can get STDs in your throat and anus as well? The anus in particular carries serious risks. Always test all parts of your body that are at risk. This means you’ll have to take samples from multiple parts of the body. You may test negative genitally, but positive anally. Because the treatment can differ for each infection, you must test the correct part of your body! Unsure what test to take? Use our test guide.

STD testing while you’re on your period?

You can still do an STD test when you’re on your period. And this test is just as reliable as testing when you’re not menstruating. Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Mycoplasma can still be detected. Bacteria settle in the mucus, and the mucus is still present during menstruation. Of course, mucus can mix with menstrual blood, but it does not affect the test. A small amount of blood on the swab is okay. It does not affect laboratory analysis. Taking a vaginal swab may be a little more uncomfortable than usual. It may also contain menstrual blood. Relax and take your time with the swab.


This STD is still relatively unknown but appears to be widespread. Out of those who use our test, 7% test positive for Mycoplasma. This STD doesn’t lead to many problems or complaints and is therefore often not treated by doctors, but we still want to offer the test. However, we do not recommend testing for Mycoplasma until you have tested negative for Chlamydia and have symptoms similar to those of Chlamydia.

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